Photographer, senior writer, artist, mad scientist extraordinaire. 

When I'm not making art and photos, writing, or extraordinarily mad science-ing, you can find me: 

Learning to code, trying my hand at urban gardening (and inadvertently killing unwitting victims), adventuring, and practicing my speed reading skills for book club meetings.

I'm also a few other things:

Recent alum of the Nordstrom Special Projects squad and Editorial team; Co-Owner/Wedding Photographer at Max&Sam Photography; art director, content consultant, and photographer by night and weekends.

With a background in:

Marketing and advertising copy, editorial content strategy, end-to-end campaign creation, interdisciplinary fine art, middle management, and semi-professional beach bumming. (Click here or the LinkedIn button way below to peruse all of the sexy and not-so-sexy deets.)

Or say hello at, on Facebook and/or Instagram. Let's make some magic.

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